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Dragon Age Toolset


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Well, it seems that DA will have a toolset after all, and it will allow custom adventures:




Thoughts, friends and Romans?


In my case it will probably be out by the time I HOPEFULLY finish Deathstalker, so it will be feasible to build Heir in the DA environment. I think I will need to look at the resources and world setting/style, to see which fits my world better. I suspect DA does, due to lower magic, less races etc.

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I would have known about it but I am too young and currently banned from the fora. >_<


I am just hoping it isn't permanent.


(Oh, and I realized just how much time was spent on there, I started and finished the 'Count of Monte Cristo' within a week only during my BioWare forum time.)



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I'll be very interested to see how Dragon Age turns out. BioWare's first couple of excursions into an RPG without a pre-made setting seem good to me, so they could do very well again here. A (non-buggy) toolset would be a real plus.

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