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Version 4 is available


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New in version 4:

- Sarevok encounter, by Aeryn

- Cernd encounter, by Aeryn

- Captain Cernick encounter, by Cal Jones

- Minor corrections(fixed Gaelan's item)


For translators: we've got three new files, RE_Cernd, RE_Cerni and RE_Sarev; other files remain as they are.


Welcome to our new authors, and thanks to DavidW for the update.



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The Sarevok encounter was worth the wait -perfect. :D And there was even some humor that made me laugh. :)


Cernd was great too, haven't tied Cernick yet . . . but thanks, everyone, for the new version!

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I got the mod after reading Insomnia and ay..... Laran was good, I loved Cernd's and Sarevok's......*rolls eyes* Yikes. I've made special saves for Cernd's, Sarevok's and Jarlaxle's. I admit...I'm a fangirl. Got a question though, was there supposed to be more for them? And which ones go further?

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I wish I could say that there was more to Sarevok's at least (though writing Cernd's made me see possibilities with him that I'd never thought of before), but sadly they are both one time deals. I simply lack the coding skills (and time is short now that my oldest son started his first year of school) to do more than that...although the temptation to learn how to do everything involved in creating a full mod is very strong. I think my husband will lock me out of my own computer if I devote too much time to any big project, though. :):(

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