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Guest Alexander
We don't have such problems. :laugh: And many of the mentioned can simply be solved by using a distributed SCM with good merging capabilities.


You don't have problems like bugs, huh? Interesting.


Real-time shared coding is nothing like using a SCM. In one, you're working separately and trying to avoid working in the same area as any other developer. In the other, you're working together with your team mate -- at the same time, and on the same task.


Night and day.


Realtime multiplayer programming. *shudder*


Don't judge what you haven't tried. At the very least, see it for yourself.

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I didn't say we don't have bugs, that would be absurd. I meant we don't have many of the problems RTE claims to solve.


And even though we're currently all european, it would be hard to get the time to work on something together. It's not a job, where people just have to be there.

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