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NPCs Can Be Sent to Wait in an Inn

Guest Pete

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I have been using the NPCs Can Be Sent to Wait in an Inn mod to keep the characters in the FAI. But for some reason Branwen simply walks off to disappear forever when I remove her from the party. My Reputation is 20, so I figured this must be the reason, but the weird thing is that both Xan and Viconia can be left in place or sent to the FAI or Nashkel Road Cave, respectively.


So, what decides whether the character will walk away or be amenable to wait?



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Guest jastey*

Hm, I am not sure. I'll have to check the state, whether the NPCs will wait despite their being unhappy or not. So, either it's intended that they leave if unhappy (for Branwen, that would be the high reputation, yes) or the wrong state got patched. I'm afraid that's all I can say to it now.

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OK, I checked the BG1NPC code and I can say for sure: NPCs can only send to an inn if they do not leave unhappy.


Why in your case Branwen is and Xan and Vikonia are not I cannot say. In my Tutu v6 version, both Branwen and Xan have the same happiness check on this unhappy leaving dialogue.

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