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Item and spell descriptions

Guest Lirio

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Uhm, hey, I installed this Icewind Dale Tweak Pack and I got this problem where I cannot see descriptions for SOME spells (like Cat's grace, for instance) and MANY items (mostly weapons, sold by Conlan).

I have installed IWD, then patched, then installed this mod, started playing up to the Kuldahar pass, then installed HoW and then I noticed this descriptions missing.

Any ideas of how can I fix this?

Thank you.

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Just to make sure, you installed HoW after the tweak pack?


If so, you might want to uninstall the tweak pack, then reinstall it. HoW makes many changes, including Conlan's inventory. If that doesn't work, someone with better knowledge of this situation will have to help.

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This is getting worse. Now I realise that I don't even see the damage info on screen. Nevermind, in my opinion it's just a faulty installation... I'll try to remove HoW, then reinstall it and tweak it. Thanks for the advice.

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You can also download Trials of the Luremaster. This is a free official add-on and patch for Heart of Winter. Several sites have it available, just look around for it.


Anyway, just be sure to install all official add-ons and patches (HoW or TotL) before installing unofficial mods.


I hope you enjoy the game.

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Good news! I installed TotL and everything's back to normal! Spell descriptions, weapon descriptions and also damage information! Thanks again. As a side note, I played this game many times before. I just wanted to re play it when I discovered this tweak mod. Anywaysss, thanks again.

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