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Bards & armor/thieving tweak


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The "Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P" component could be expanded to include bards, since according to the Complete Bard's Handbook:


If your DM allows a bard to put on any form of armor normally disallowed to the class (as suggested by certain kits, for purposes of disguise, out of necessity, or for the sake of entertainment), the penalties are identical to those for a thief in similar armor.


Also, I'm not sure if it's actually possible to implement, but bards should get less of a penalty to their pick pocketing skills than thieves when wearing certain types of armor that are normally allowd to the class:


Armor               Pick Pockets
Hide Armor          -30%
Ring or Chain       -25%
Brigadine or Splint -20%
Scale or Banded     -25%

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Hmm. You could perhaps add an affect to the armours that gives only bards a boost to pick pockets while equipped (there's some effect that you can target the .IDS files with) to get the correct modifier... :cool:


Not sure if opening all armours to the Bard class is an idea I like, though, for power terms.


With Tutu Tweaks I already have Montaron in a suit of Plate mail and still stealthing around, and that makes me feel a little dirty. :)

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