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Paareth's Evil NPC pack for Baldurs gate 2


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Welcome to Paareth's Evil NPC pack for Baldurs Gate 2.




I've always appreciated other people's NPC's both, good, evil and neutral and wanted to contribute something of my own. This pack will be a labor of love and I hope introduce some new and interesting companions to adventure with you. I do feel there is always room for another well written NPC for variety, especially of an evil nature, thus this pack was born.




1, To create several evil NPC's of a unique and interesting or entertaining character.

2, To create NPC's that will interact heavily with each other and other bioware NPC's.

3, To make a mod thats crossmod compatible, for any author who either wants to collaborate on banters, interjections, quests or write dialogue for any NPC in their mod if they enjoy them.

4, If the characters are not used in a party, to provide additional opponents or quests for good parties and additional flavor for neutral or evil parties.


If you see a character you'd like to write a crossmod banter for or include in any form in your work, no matter its nature, please drop me a line and i'll be happy to collaborate.


I would really welcome character idea's, comments on the characters, suggestions for quests, dialogues etc.




Feel free to post any comments here or there, I will be keeping watch on both threads :laugh:


Thank you for reading!




Viaet - V0.2 in testing.

Status - Creature File, Large Introduction Dialogue, Several interjections, A Few banters.

Taaren - V0.2 in testing.

Status - Creature File, Basic Introduction Dialogue, Several Interjections, A Few Banters

Sibiroasa Shade - V0.1 in testing

Status - Creature File, Fair Introduction Dialogue, Some Interjections, A Few Banters

Malich Bladeborn - V0.1 in testing

Status - Creature File, Basic Introduction Dialogue, A Few Interjections, A Few Banters

4-6 other NPC's being considered for implementation, their story and character concepts are being discussed and drafted.





Roughly 800+ lines of dialogue (1200 lines of code) are now in the dialogue files.

Viaet is now a firmly established character type with a slowly shaping arc.

Taaren is gaining more depth slowly but surely, though i'm developing his sarcastic side still

Sibi and Malich have had some more work done on them and are both slowly taking shape.



Sibi and Malich Born, totaling 4 Characters in the mod, Creature files tweaked and locations, scripts updated.

A few more interjections done

Sibi character introduction expanded

Mod merged into 1 entity instead of 4 separate files



Many more interjections done! I've some initial Taaren banters worked out and i've also reworked Viaet a little more into one storyline rather than two separate ones. I felt I could write more depth concentrating on one storyline for her, also she would have too much cross over if I had another person ultimately helping or interacting with a demon on their storyline. If you read about the possessed character I may do and one or two others you'll get an idea of what I mean.


Taaren is also more focused now, though I won't be giving either of them their own kit as that has conflict possibilities with many mods (I may do an optional download) I have worked out and now developed exactly what forgotten realm classes these two will be portraying in game. As a result of my decision, both sets of spoilers have been updated under the character notes below.

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That sounds pretty ambitious, but evil NPCs are also very fun to write, because they have less limitations. :laugh: Have fun!


Thats true but I learned a long while the best way to write an evil character is to try and keep them 'human', to give them flaws and strengths in equal measure and if possible to avoid the trap of just making them all overly violent all the time. One is very cruel and twists peoples words but after a time her motivation can be easily seen through by the wiser NPC's in the game and it comes back to bite her.


That they are especially if they are insane with a multiple personality disorder problem.


Well so far i've got an ex-Guard and Iron fisted Chaplain, dismissed for his religious beliefs; a Single Minded Sorcerer who never seems quite all there, unless she wants something done; a Blackguard who 'is always in charge' but due to his affliction must take orders and a cruel Drow, who loves nothing more than to wound people emotionally and to see them break for amusement.


I think between them I've got all the personalities I can handle :) I do have a possessed character planned but i'm not sure if i've already half covered the ground with one of my current ones.


Its just the code thats giving me grief ??? I think i've probably fried cmorgans brain with all my questions in the process of this mods setup but we will get there in the end.

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