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So, am doing a little work with new banters and stuff. If anyone sees a bug or typo, let me know.


I've noticed Khay's artwork isn't actually appearing, you still see the vanilla BG BAMs for Mur'Neth's Ooze Touch attacks. Need to sort that out. :) So, I've spotted that one.

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Ran into a few bugs while trying to install v2. I fixed 'em all locally, but it's bizarre that I got them and no one else seems to have.


First off it couldn't find any .tra references, so I put LANGUAGE ~english~ etc. at the third line of the .tp2.


Then it couldn't find the Imoen banter file, and I didn't see any checks or anything for it in the .tp2. Added a line to check for _Bimoen, then run the imoen.d you provided (with a change to make it fit the Tutu naming scheme. Namely, adding an underscore in front of the filename.) Changed the banter file to refer to Imoen's tutu banter file.


And... that was it, as I recall. Let me know if you want these fixes.

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Oh. Weird...


Yeh, I mentioned the Imoen thing at PPG and will incorporate into the next version. I do do the following check, though:



COMPILE ~Mur'Neth/dialogues/IMOEN.d~



IMOEN.D is a file saying BEGIN BImoen, though yeh, I need to change that to _BImoen.


As for the .tra, Cam fixed that up for me, so blame him. :cry:

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Possible thing: the kit description mentions immunity to poison. Is the ability gained at a particular level? Mur'Neth was poisoned in his first battle by the Nashkel Mines spiders. (He got better. )

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I have another one: Imoen doesn't seem to be bantering with Mur'Neth; "Imoen, tell me of Candlekeep" ends after that line. Looking at the .d, I suspect the problem is because the CHAIN is referencing BIMOEN rather than _BIMOEN.

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Ghrey reported that and I fixed it locally. :)


When I coded this mod BG1 NPC was using BIMOEN while Indira was using _BIMOEN, it's only recently _BIMOEN was adopted as a standard and I've not released a new version since then.

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OMG! I R such a N00B!! :)


I shall try, try, again with the helpful bug reporting. The speech-patterns banter with Khalid is repeating. It looks like there's an extra letter in the variable name for the SetGlobal at line 458 in BA#MURN.d.

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Running V4. Picked him up, he disabled the 3 traps and we went to the next level of the mine. He immediately this stuff kicked in:


IF ~AreaCheck("FW5000")


~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:

SAY #101343 /* ~My mission is done... It is the will of Ghaunadaur that I remain with you, for now. There will be more work for us to do.~ [A#MUJ01] */

IF ~~ THEN REPLY #101344 /* ~Of course, now let's move on.~ */ EXIT

IF ~~ THEN REPLY #101345 /* ~Wait a minute. There were oozes in there that attacked us, even though we were with you! Why?~ */ GOTO 5



Just curious as to why - we haven't finished the mines quest yet.


Edited to make a correction from earlier mispost.

Edited by Diana
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