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Hi Guys,

i finally finished my MegaMod Installation, and I found Mur'neth in the Mines.

After talking to him I wanted to add him but then my game crashed. Tried another time, still crashing..

I wanted to reinstall but something seems to be off, I'm getting many "Possible Error: file not found in action 7" messages

Finally it stops and then says " *** Music will be installed once you press the Enter key ***"

then it stops and doesn't continue.

I hope i didnt mess up my install :(

Anyone can help

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Guest IconoclasticBanter

Welcome to Weirdest Bug Ever Time! Ready?

After the most recent BG:EE/SOD forced update, I reinstall everything, including Mur'Neth. (Really enjoying him by the way! Interesting personality, especially for an evil party. Thank you.) Everything seemed to go well with that reinstall--and I've redone it since to make sure. But ever since, his name, EVERYWHERE, is replaced by the phrase "I meant anything that I might enjoy?"

"I meant anything that I might enjoy?, 54/54"

"I meant anything that I might enjoy?: The mosses, the slugs..."

I can't make this up. It is hilarious. But also, I have zero ideas for what else to try.

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