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#262 Stat: Visual Range


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#262 (0x106) Stat: Visual Range [262]

Parameter #1: Visual Range

Parameter #2: Type


Applies the visual range effect to the targeted creature(s).

This effect modifies the visual range of the targeted creature(s).

The Visual Range parameter seems to be in the 0-15 interval.


Known values for 'Type' are:

0 Cumulative Modifier -> Visual Range = Visual Range + 'Visual Range' value

1 Flat Value Modifier -> Visual Range = 'Visual Range' value

I've been playing around with this opcode some time ago and discovered an interesting result. How far a creature can notice an actor and how far it can see through fog of war are two different things. And the 262's parameter attends both, but FoW limit is hardcoded by said 0-15 range of value.

If we set parameter to, say, 30 then PC will be able to see in the FoW up to 15 far and will see a creature within 30 range (yes, it will walking over darkened tileset).

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But that doesn't include completely unexplored areas, correct?
Yes, it doesn't.
This is good news if this works the AI
It did work with See(Player1). Guess will work with others as well.


I decided to test it a little more and found out one more thing - looks like there is]/b] a limit of 24 anyway. With the set range of 40 both PC and TestObj were unable to detect each other. Action has begun only when I closed distance to 24.

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