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What about Druids during the Time of Troubles?


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My own Forgotten Realms knowledge isn't as good as some others, but I know that druids who serve deities like Chauntea get their spells in a similar fashion as do clerics, so during the Time of Troubles, they probably didn't have access to their magic.

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Same as Clerics, Druids would only have their casting powers if within 100 miles of the avatar of their deity. :)


Chauntea might be an exception as I think she *is* Faerun in some sense...

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But if I remember my books, nature itself was going wild during the time of the Avatars, with all sorts of weird things spawning and running around. Even if druids still retained their spells, they'd be spending a hell of a lot of time just trying to keep things normal.

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Err... I should learn how to read first. :( Here... Three relevant quotes.



Faerunian clerics function as described in the Player's Handbook except that no clerics serve just a cause, philosophy, or abstract source of divine power. The Torilian deities are very real, and events in recent history have forced these divine beings to pay a great deal of attention to their mortal followers.



Like clerics, the druids of Faerun recieve their spells from a particular patron deity, always a deity of nature or animals. However, druids do not necessarily see a clear division between nature and the divine forces that run through nature. While many people think only of forests when they think of druids, druids also care for the mountains, deserts, lakes, and even swamps of Faerun.


Parton Deities

The deities of Faerun are deeply enmeshed in the functioning of the world's magical ecology and the lives of mortals. Characters of Toril nearly always have a patron deity. Everyone in Faerun knows that those who die without having a patron deity to send a servant to collect them from the Fugue Plane at their death, spend eternity writhing in the Wall of the Faithless or disappear into the hells of the devils or the infernos of the demons.

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