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BG Tutu won't start up do to an assertion error


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When I try to play my modded BG Tutu it fails with the error message:


An Assertion failed in ChDimm.cpp at line number 628

Programmer says: Unable to Open BIF:data\Hd0GMosc.bif


but I have looked in my data folder, and sure enough there exists the file, with the information

that it was last changed the 27th of October, 2000. I've checked -- the file is the same size

and has the same changed date as my BGII-SoA\data file, so it looks as if it survived the

modding process unmangled.


Suggestions on what I should do next?

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Whatever my problem is, it does not seem to be caused by a mod. I have a version of BGTutu, from just after the conversion to Tutu ran, and before I applied the degreenifier. And this fails with the exact same assertion error.

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So I reinstalled from the 4 DVD set, patched, and then ran the Tutu converter. This runs. So I am now going to apply each mod one by one and test that it runs after each application, to see exactly where it is that things start failing. Which might, of course, be never ....


yes, it did turn out to be never. Everything installed happily now.

The only problem was that every so often, with an mod using an old setup-whatever.exe file, instead of getting the looping behaviour, it would just fall right over. Once a reboot made it generate the infinite loop behaviour instead. From then on, if I just assumed I needed a new setup.exe and made one, deleting any internal xxx.bat file in the archive it all worked fine.


But I have no clue why rebooting ever should make this difference.

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