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Aran Whitehand: Character Introduction


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"Go on, wi' ye, then. I can write fine, but my speakin' is not so good, unless I really try. Here - let me give her a shot. Hrmmpf. 'Fair Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you good morning. Please pay no attention to the minor inconveniences of last evening's disturbance. Our uninvited guests of yester-eve have passed on to other occupations, many of them involving plant fertilization. Our chef has prepared a special meal for your enjoyment; due to the small matter of our cookwagon being set ablaze last night while defending the camp, we have prevailed upon him to create a special morning repast of Frison Rodentia and Flatbread Carbona. This way, if you please, for your morning repast.' "




"See, I can put it on, but it takes a mite o' effort, at that."



Aran Whitehand is a human fighter and scribe for BG2, dual classable into either cleric or mage. Basically, a human utility player taken along for the friendship/cuddling. "Specials" include creation of minor scrolls through dialog and timer when in a party with another canon mage. Primarily a male friend who can grow into an extended courtship/romance, romanceable by female PCs, Aran has his own sense of humor and specializes in bringing others into the conversation.


Functionally, Aran is a Companion mod. He has a minor optional quest with a new area, but comes with no special weapons or upgradeable items - his specialty is in interacting with the members of the party and adapting to situations. For him, the job is paramount, and his job is supporting the player. He is no stranger to having to carry out orders which bend morality, though he hates doing so. It should be noted that this mod is designed by adults for adults, and should not be installed unless you are comfortable with Faerunian swearing, occasional adult themes, and NC - 17 to R rated content in the Romance portion.



immaterial these days, as folks can patch them how they want, but to start him off with some basics, a reorder based on Gavin. Berelinde did a bunch of soul searching and came up with a good 'common adventurer' set of stats, and why mess with success... power players can adjust him to build a Kensai/Mage dual class quickly enough :)


"Warrior" configuration [player options on install, fighter]

Strength 17

Dexterity 16

Constitution 15

Intelligence 12

Wisdom 13

Charisma 12


"Poet" configuration [player options on install, for Cleric dual class]

Strength 16

Dexterity 13

Constitution 15

Intelligence 12

Wisdom 17

Charisma 12


"Thinker" configuration [player options on install, for Mage dual class]

Strength 16

Dexterity 13

Constitution 15

Intelligence 17

Wisdom 12

Charisma 12


"Survivor" configuration [player options on install, for Thief dual class]

Strength 16

Dexterity 17

Constitution 15

Intelligence 13

Wisdom 12

Charisma 12




Neutral Good. He thinks.

"Bugger off, you sorry old jackass - I never said naught 'bout my alignment. Tymora's Bright Coin, you take liberties, you do. Tymora suits me fine. She even don't mind my speakin' so free, swearin' on th' gods, most times. At least, not yet."



Aran will befriend any protagonist of any race or alignment,though how he reacts to situations will definitely let the player know how he feels. A rough - around - the - edges man, accustomed to mercenary service and caravan work both in front of and protecting the books, Aran hires on as a scribe or accountant as well as protection. He has learned to work with practically anyone not Drow, and chase any female within arms reach. His language is rough, his approach unrefined. And if you don't like it, he will gladly tell you exactly what your opinion is worth.



Folks he would like and respect:

  • Keldorn -
    [KELDORN] You have a gap on your right side.
    [ARAN] Pardon?
    [KELDORN] When you swing, you have an opening in your defenses on your right side.
    [ARAN] (sigh) I thought I'd fixed that. It's the lower right, exposin' the knee?
    [KELDORN] Yes. It is a common mistake for those trained as shield infantry. Flaming Fist?
    [ARAN] One campaign, Regulars. Then three with the Moonshea Shield Company. But there I wasn't on the wall. I got moved to subaltern.
    [KELDORN] The Iron Throne fiasco?
    [ARAN] Guilty as charged. Lots of men and women well past revivification when that mess was over. Battle of Cloakwood. Manticore's Point.
    [KELDORN] Ninety percent losses. You took both dragonstrike and a complete failure of gryphon support.
    [ARAN] Could have been worse. Could have been in the Third Division. They saved our arses, at a terrible cost. Not enough scrolls of Stone to Flesh in the whole bloody Sword Coast, an' then the Cyric-buggerin' Throne bastards started tossing boulders among the petrified, just out o' spite. Can't revivify someone who's been pulverized. Where were you?
    [KELDORN] Commanding the Third Division.
    [ARAN] Next inn, I am buying. An' you want me to do anythin', anythin' at all, my sword is yours.

  • Minsc - "Mad Minsc. That's not quite right, though. Make it Magnificent. I'd take him 'side me on a shield wall any day o' the week, 'giant space hampster' an' all."
  • Ajantis - "Ajantis, laddie. There's fightin' fair, an' then there's winnin'. See, if you shine your armor like that, they knows you are an officer, an' the archers take you out first. Aint' no honor in dying before you can swing yer sword."
  • Yoshimo - "Aye, then, deal th' cards again,. I'm down four tradebars an' three iron cresents, an' I want a chance to even the score, eh? While you are at it, tell me anouther tale o' Kara-Turan womenfolk, an' I'll buy th' next round."
  • Angelo (Aran wasn't in BG, so he knows Angelo only by Flaming Fist contacts - "Hey, old man, lend some expertise here, eh? I'm havin' troubles wi' this parryin' position. Show me again, eh? A mug o' ale if you teach me..."
  • Azure - "Now, she's a right fine lady, she is. Sharo's got one eye on me most o' th' time, though, so I'm not rightly sweettalkin' her any time soon."
  • Alora - "Tymora's Smile, that halflin' lass is th' sprightliest an' happiest bein' I know! If <CHARNAME> ever drops me for good, me an' her, we should think o' teamin' up an' goin' on some adventures. She's right fun, she is!"
  • Ninafer - "Pity she looks right through me, as if I'm not there. Bad taste in men, she has. But she's a right stalwort companion."
  • Keto - "That lass is a right fine storyteller. She can drink me under th' table, sing like an angel, an' she's as smart as a whip. What's not to love? If <CHARNAME>'s not available or interested, now there be a lady what I would love to spark wi'. A real equal. I wonder what kind o' thinkg she might like as a courtin' gift?"

Folks he would like and understand a little:

  • Aerie - "Hey there. Come over here, girl. I have some drills you can do what's to strengthen your lips. Called 'kissin', I believe, among th' fair folk."
  • Imoen - "You doin' all right, Imoen? You got someone troublin' you, let me know. Never met an argument I couldn't solve, thogh I do admit some were by fist an' sword instead o' words. Aww, who am I kiddin'. Who needs swattin'?"
  • Nalia - "I don't quite understand you, Nalia. But you are a fine lookin' young women. You like dancin'?"
  • Jaheira - "Awww, quit motherin' me, Jaheira. Here, I got these for you. They'll do fine in that stew you like to cook. Here, let me cut 'em up for you."
  • Gavin - "Hey, watch it.... damn. Lathander's Golden Poop, Gavin, you gotta stop that backswing. Here, let's go work on it. I'll teach you to not knock me silly when I'm on the battle line with ye, and you argue wi' me about my immortal soul. Fair trade?"
  • Sarah - "I don't blame ye for likin' the womenfolk, lassie; I sure as hells do! Say, next inn, let's go bar hoppin', an' I'll watch your back, you watch mine. If they swing your way, I steer 'em to ye, and vice versa. Sarah? Sarah? Mask's Left Hand, where'd that lassie disappear to..."
  • Ainshai - "Sune's Slender Wrists, that one will drive a man to drink, she will. I suppose I should be keepin' my eyes on' th' business an' not on her, but the lass is right pretty. An' she can whup my arse on hand-to-hand. What's not to like?"
  • Haldamir - "Helkaer Haldamir. Means 'icy one' in lammen Tel Quessir, that does. Good fighter, keeps to himself. I suppose you get that way if most o' th' folks you are fightin' alongside are younger than pre-apprentice age, an' will die out afore you blink your eyes a couple o' times. Never did understand why elves bothered wi' us mayflies."
  • Alassa - Now why do some o' th' finest females come in evil, self-servin' packages? At least she's got spine an' gumption. But somehow, I don't rightly think she'd back me unless there was somethin' in it for her."
  • Branwen - "That Tempus-lovin' girl is a sight for sore eyes, she is. I'd make a pass right quick, if every time I wandered by she didn't start all that serious discussion about dyin' an' goin' to fight alongside her god. I'm a mite more comfortable on this here plane o' existence, thank you very much. That whole dyin' thing, well, I tend to try to avoid it."
  • Dynaheir - "Now there be a true lady. If we had more nobility like that, well, there'd be a sight more happy people in th' world. A little formal an' stuck on th' law, but what do you expect for a leader-type."
  • Fade - "She be th' kind what sees what she wants, an' gets it. As long as I can keep th' goals coincidin' wi' hers, I get a great advantage. If our goals ever differ, I'd best watch my back. Wouldn't want to see nothin' sharp stickin' out o' it."
  • Andrei - "A smart lad, just a raw recruit. A bit sheltered. But he listens to my stroies, an' takes pointers, an' all. I like him fine."
  • Ghareth - "He tells some nice stories, he does. Good lad. Not much more to say, eh?"
  • Hubelpot - "Corelon's Blade, he knows his food, he does. It's a right fine pleasure to watch him cook! Th' fightin, well... he's gettin' th' hang o' it. We are on a barter system, see. His recepies, my swordskills."
  • Kelsey - "He knows merchant, he knows some fightin' ways - an' I do think he's a right fine party member. Th' boy's got some serious magic, he does. I just wish he weren't lookin' to spark wi' all th' available females. Puts us at odds, sometimes, on account o' that bein' *my* job!"
  • Auren - "You look her direction, an' your eyes get stopped in their tracks, they do. In a good way, o' course. But she seems to like Nalia right propr, an' wears th' flower in th' other ear, so there's no use barkin' up that tree."

Folks he would like alot and have absolutely no respect for at all:

  • Bruce - "Barroom Bruce, named such on account o' I keep havin' to drag his sorry arse past, around, or out o' every single one we venture on. Good drinklin' companion until he gets drunk, an' not so much a fighter as an arrow-holder. I keep tellin' him that gettin' nekkid an' runnin' screamin' at kobolds weildin' short bows is not a valid battle tactic. O' course, he just tells me to sod off an' get us somethin' to drink."
  • Kari - "Nice enough furrball, an' she's developin' some skills. Still scared o' her own shadow, though. She blushes about as much as I do, an' somehow I think th' gods have a nasty sense o' humor. Now where is she goin' to find someone to love her, eh? That just stinks. I spent way too long fendin' off kobold raids, an seein' them as scavenging animals. Not sure I can ever take her serious, as a party member an' all."

Folks he would be neutral/unsure towards:

  • Touchstone - "Not sure what to think, there. Nice enough on th' shield wall, an' strong. But I think either he's done taken one to many hits to th' head, or else he needs a decent tutor in common. Talks funny, he does. Hey, what are you laughin' at?"
  • Callisto - "Nice enough to look at, good at her job. Wouldn't want to go carousin' wi' her, though. You don't rightly want to be around when she gets enraged, eh? There's no tellin' where her weapons get pointed."
  • Nikitalleria - "Lathander's Light, what that girl can do wi' her fingers... But I am not sure she sees me th' same way. Somehow, I don't rightly think she likes me."
  • Biddlekorak - "Not so bad for a shortaxe what's heard th' call. I get right tired o' all th' evangelical stories, but ghe don;t rightly get to talkative, so he's fine by me."
  • Coran - "The boy's got charm, an' he's sharp, he is. But not much else goin' on, I think. I wouldn't trust him to hold my purse, or anythin' else, for that matter. Don't see what the ladies see in him."
  • Iylos - "I suppose that insolent bastard knows his job. But th' backtalk, well, he could be a mite more respectful. <CHARNAME>'s been a force for a long time, an' here comes th' big bad investigator. If he plays fair an' backs <CHARNAME>, I might readjust my opinion. But if not, we will have to see if he really can stop a blade wi' his hand an live to tell the tale."

Folks he would not like, but would respect and back up:

  • Korgan - "Alright, ye black hearted Son o' Cyric, pass over those dice. You are cheatin' again."
  • Valygar - "You are fine with a blade, friend, but magic is a powerful weapon. Why do you hate it when it'll save your arse nine times out o' ten?"
  • Cernd - "Look, Cernd. Stop with all the talk, an' let's get down to brass tacks. What do we have to kill, an' how do we do it?"
  • Saerileth - "Are you kiddin' me? A fifteen year old? I wouldn't kick her out o'... well, she's fine, I guess. But she don't know squat about livin', let alone fightin' proper. Tyr's Blasted Buttocks, don't send a child to do adult's work"
  • Xan - "Doom an' gloom, all talk and no action. Shut up, ye pansy arsed jackass. Grab that Moonblade an' use it right proper, now - we got business to attend to. Don' understand quite a bit 'bout you, but you can kick arse when you've half a mind, for sure."
  • Tashia - "Look, you are an eyeful, an armfull, an' just about the best sorceress I ever met. But when are you gonna get settled down an' take things serious? We aren't on a picnic, an' you already cost us pretty dear draggin' all that baggage onto th' party. Get with the program, lassie."
  • Sarevok - "You made your play, an' lost. You backin' <CHARNAME> now? Fair enough. Just make sure you're on th' right side o' th' shield wall. I don't take kindly to triple crosses."
  • Sebastian - "He be a slippery devil, that one. I 'm not rightly sure I have gotten a straight answer out o' him. Nine times out o' ten, I think he knows more than he lets on, eh?"
  • Keen Kachiko. Keen mind, keen sword, keen tongue. Best to keep out o' all three's way."

Folks he would dislike and not trust:

  • Jan - "You talk too much, boyo. An' you keep blatherin' 'bout all those inventions. Ain't never seen a turnip soup worth eatin', neither. Keep out from underfoot, shorty."
  • Amber - "You can take th' girl out o' the hells, but you can't take the hells out o' the girl. Only thing I can say for her is she aint' a drowess."
  • Chloe - "I'm not sayin' nothin'. Anyone wi' divine blood's a damned sight scarier than findin' yourself penilless in Calimport. Well, exceptin' <CHARNAME>, o' course."
  • Cassius - "Mask's Left Hand, the skald never shuts up, eh? Hey, don't be lookin' at me like that, Haer'Dalis! I shut up. Occasionally. When th' wind is right."
  • Gozaloth - "That floatin' eyeball never did say what all that goo was. And I'm not rightly sure I want to know, anyways. Ten iron crescents says th' bastard gets skewered before th' second fight is over. An' whio do you think is gonna have to haul his goey stinkin' oozy bady back to a temple for to be healed? Well, it's not rightly likely to be <CHARNAME>, to be sure."
  • Horace - "I still get th' shakes just lookin' at him reachin' for a weapon, straight through his own bony ribcage. I think I'm not likely to sleep at night wi' a skeleton for a companion. After all, what do you buy a skeleton to drink? Can't rightly buy him a round. That's just not right."
  • Sheena - "Yeah, right. I know, you think I'm a racist son o' a bitch, but there be two bein's where you'd be right 100% o' th' time. I don't trust no dragon larger than a pseudodragon. An' wi' that... lady...well, th' language is all pretty an' correct, but I keep expectin' to wake up as th' main course for her when she goes all firedrake random-like."

Folks he would hate:

  • Tsjuatha - "Stay away from me, necromancer. Y'ain't natural. I respect the Tel'Quessirim, but anyone be dabblin' in the dark arts is not to be trusted."
  • Viconia - "Move one step closer, Drowess, an' you are a dead woman. Sorry, a dead spider. Didn't mean no offence to women by associatin' you with 'em."
  • Edwin - "Come on, Edwin, it ain't that bad. At least in that dress, your legs look good. In fact, that's about the only thing redeemin' about not kickin' you out in front o' the dragon, an' having you scout forrard."
  • Anomen - "The worst of the officer class. Give me a crossbow, an' turn the other direction - I think there's gonna be an accidental 'friendly fire' incident."
  • Faldorn - "Hey, wolf-girl. Get your smelly arse out where I can see you. An' keep your hands away from that spellpouch. Wouldn't want to have to disturb *your* balance, by loppin' off one o' your legs or arms, or such."
  • Miriam - "Bane-blighted bloodsucker. I need to get me a new holy symbol an' some more garlic. An' a stake."
  • SilverStar - "Keep that psychotic creature away from me, eh? Dangerous."
  • Irenicus - "Bloody mad, an' evil. But I guess <CHARNAME> can handle him. As for me, well... when a dog goes mad, they try to cure him, an' if that don't rightly work, they put him down. This whole 'resurrect you opponent an' try an' redeem him' thing, that sounds way too complicated to me. Kill th' Bane-buggerin' bastard, disintegrate his head, toss his bones to th' wolves, then blow up th' wolves. An' blot his name out o' th' history books, just to make sure."
  • Kindrek - "Bloody evil Cyric Buggerin' Bastard. Gotta keep both eyes open while I sleep, wi' him around, I do."


Aran will romance any female protagonist of any race save Drow, or any alignment. Again, how he reacts will definitely let the player understand his position. Good men fall for bad women as quickly as for good ones, and sometimes opposites really do attract. But romance on the trail is awkward, with a group of adventurers around, and the road to romance is both rocky and complicated. Exactly how does a strong man feel when his significant other turns out to be infinitely stronger than he, on so many levels? Can the two of you negotiate the attraction into something of an equal relationship, or is this destined to fail?


When Aran Whitehand meets the party, he is looking for work having dropped from the rolls of a mercenary regiment.

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Thief dual class? Well, sure, why not. I guess if we are playing around from the true "character uuber alles" approach, there really isn't a reason why he couldn't be. Scouting and inteligence gathering is done by both merchants and military, so it could fit his background. Level1 NPCs opens up all sorts of new possibilities, which frees up some traditional D&D ideas.


What the heck, let's add it in. See "Survivor" configuration now added above.


As for the other NPCs, not sure on the reactions yet - some of those I need a few more playthroughs/studying before I would be able to see his reaction. I don't play many of the evil ones - but I will put them onto my list of "take a look at this".

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That's right - hey, they can exist in BG2-land now, too, can't they - heck. This requires some more rereading, and more playing - I blame it all on that crazy rap music. Kids these days - just won't stick to their original game, now, won't they :)

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Guest -Anonymous-

OH wow! Never had an impact so early in a mod's development before, and never at G3 at all! *flattered*


Yeah, definitely get some use outta this guy now! Looking forward to it!

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No problem. It actually is a major oversight on my part, when looking at a "Companion" mod. It fills out the whole "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" routine, and makes it a better challenge - what parts of a character define the personality, and how do they need to be adapted to create the immersion? Gives more replayability, and there is good precedent (I like the Harry Turtledove alternate history sci-fi). Those 4 bases cover the dual class/kit combinations that can coexist peacefully [ fighter, fighter/mage, fighter/cleric, fighter/thief ].


Most NPCs are built with a class and alignment defining a good part of how they react to the gameworld, but here we are turning that over on its head, and playing with the idea that a dude or dudette in Faerun can do a job and go to a specific church, have different physical attributes, but still be themselves even if some of that has a mid-career change that really isn't up to them (in this case, the player gets to play god and Aran just goes along for the ride).

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Well this is very tardy posting on my part as I've been meaning to say for some time how interesting Mr Whitehand appears as a character. He has certainly got quite a different flavour to the BioWare npc's!


I like the different configuration options available for him, especially the mage build. (See you've already got me planning how to use him in the party! :worship: )


I'm also a little surprised that he hates Anomen or even Jan but I suppose his reasons will come out in banters/conversation/baleful glares?


No reactions listed yet regarding Yoshimo, Haer'Dalis or Mazzy. Although it appears that he doesn't like tieflings(Amber) so that might be an indication of his possible response to Haer'Dalis. I would be very interested in Aran's reaction to Yoshimo as I have an unbreakable habit of always seeing his story through to the bitter end.


Anyway, good luck with the project.

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