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Where is G3 going?


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I cannot help noting how many G3 key modders have been not present/inactive for different long periods.


It started with CamDawg and his new job, practically taking him out completely from any modding activity.


Then G3's brightest star Nythrun has announced Internet connection problems over three months ago and never appeared again since then (I even tried to contact her by email with no luck).


Demivrgvs is also missing his partner code Mike and has thus problems completeing his project.


Miloch has not logged in since the 27th of August and now even DavidW, who announced a new version of SCS being released in a matter of few days practically a month ago, has vanished without a trace.


To them, we can even add the long gone Andyr who is author or coauthor of many mods here.


The trend is as negative as it can be and I do hope there will be the return of these G3 pillars, CamDawg in primis.


Things go no better at Pocketplane where the most influent (for me at least) modder (SimDing0) has not been modding for several months.


I understand all the stuff about "real life" taking precedence and it does apply to myself but I cannot help being saddened by the present situation.


We miss you guys!

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Salk, we live in troubling times, but the world is not ending! (Despite what I wrote elsewhere!)


Real Life is Real Life, it takes precedence, no matter how much we rather be gaming. I mean really, who wants to spend time with their loved ones when they could be scripting new changes for a mod?!? :D:):(


People will come back as they have time. In the interim, Play Dude(-tte)! Have fun! No way you've finished your megainstall.

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Along with Azazello, I agree Real Life takes precedent. And it often gets messy.


The better question is not "Where is G3 going?" but "Who will step in to take up the slack?" Luckily we have theacefes, cmorgan and others around to help.


They may not be equal to Cam, Nythrun and the other MIA's, but *they* didn't start with the skills they have now.


G3 is based on community. It's up to us to keep it going, or to let it die.


I'm betting on the former.

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Any community experience people coming and going. With the staff that is currently active at G3, I don't see any reason to worry. As to where G3 is going, I personally hope, and will do all I can for G3 to be open and support the 'new tools' modding endeavors, such as NWN2 and DA:O projects, as well as the traditional IE modding. NWN2 is an excellent media that opens far more possibilities for a creative spirit than IE environment, and DA will likely open the OC-editing opportunities that are close to what we have in the IE world, as well as the (hopefully!) ability to create independent modules.

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The IE series is just dying a slow death, nothing more. The old modders have moved on to other things in Real Life or whatever. The new breed of gamers are stuck on shitty console games or they are going after the eye candy 3D games that are out. Sad but true.

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I think DavidW will be back, I'm sure some people around the place are in contact with him and he's just been busy of late. Real life does have a tendecy to do that and people do naturally drift on to other things sometimes. G3 as a community will survive and as Domi mentioned, hopefully go on to bigger and better things with the addition of new games and new mods for old games.

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