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Unlimited Summons?

Guest anonMT

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More of a point of clarification if anything. A while back I heard that there was a way to change something in the summon's .cre file to allow them to bypass the summoning limit. What I'm wondering is, is this "someting" the gender that is stated as "SUMMONED" and if so, doesn't that mean the creatures are immune to Cloud Kill and other summon killers?


I had thought that in BG2, Skeleton Warriors were immune to summon kills due to their Magic Resistance but in TOB that doesn't seem to be a case. Would changing the gender to neutral render them immune now?

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I do think the Skeleton Warrior's MR interferes with the effect of Cloudkill, even friendly Cloudkill. It's just that Vampiric Wraiths or some kind of nasty spirit used a cloud spell to nerf my Skeleton Warriors on the first level of Watcher's Keep, I just assumed it was Cloudkill.


Two additional question - what are the .cre files for the summoned Skeleton and Skeleton Warrior via Animate Dead (I looked up "Skelwasu.cre" but that isn't the warrior) and how would I use the action triggers in a script to target a Skeleton Warrior my character summoned? Let's say I have my PC and Anomen summoning Skeleton Warriors in the same round, but Anomen's appears closer to me. Is there a way to specifically target the Skeleton Warrior I summoned?

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So, are the summons created by Animate Dead/Monster Summoning III created through opcodes? I'm using some editor (not DLTCEP yet) to look at them but I don't see any .cre files.

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