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I saw in the bug thread that we apparantly add the Black Talon - for Kagain, Domi hinted at?


I had him in the party, killed her, nothing happened... Is something meant to? Kagain's still complaining of not finding the caravan.


Posted here rather than the bug thread as I dunno if it's a bug, and could probably use some spoilers. :)

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Kagain will complain when he enters the map; he should initiate a small snippet of dialogue after Talon's death or on seeing the dead body (not sure which tirgger off hand) - the one that get cut out by Bio in original BG1 and pay you out the reward.

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There is no quest associated with it so far. We just restored the original BioWARE dialogue that was cut and probaly served as a lead onto Kagain's quest. Hendryk and Amazing (Kagain and Skie Czars) had a number of ideas as to how expand on it, but so far all it is - is the snippet that the body on the ground is Entar's son.

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Yes, I think Domi's already checked it.


To solve the problem I just went back to the map later on and waited around near the caravan, the dialogue triggered.

Hmm, I don't see any triggers or anything in the area script to jump the global to "4" so Kagain will talk. Well, if it is in the next version that is fine. As long as you all know about it. :)

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