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Planescape Torment related mod


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I'm curious if there have ever been a mod for BG2 that is related to PS:T. I just completed Torment for the n+1'th time and am so hungry to be able to play as Dak'kon in BG2.


I saw some models imported to BG2, to be precise: of morte and ignus. Would there be a possibilty to import Dak'kon's as well, and create a special kit for him that would improve his blade, and import the spells from the unbroken circly of zerthimon?

Or how cool could be bringing back Deionarra to life and make a special kit for her as well? Not to mention the 'blind archer' that Dak'kon mentiones only 2 times in the game.


I'm completely dumb when it comes to modding the IE, I tried like 2 times but it all ended up in failures.


Do you guys think it would be possible to do? If yes, could anybody pick up this subject?

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Since Morte and Ignus have been imported into BG2, it should be possible to bring the others into the game as well. Custom kits/items and the spells from Torment should also be possible, though some of the effects/animations may not be workable in BG2.


Though you may find someone interested in taking on such a project, a better bet would be to have a go at it yourself. While not every ace coder around the place may be happy to do the whole thing for you, they will for ther most part be more than happy to let you know how to fix specific problems in your modding, giving you the chance to learn it as you go.

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Well, spell effects aren't that important, the gameplay itself, roleplaying is what I find most entertaining in all thoose crpg games.


Well I tried numbers of times, honestly. Each time I try to open whatever programme it's used to mod the IE engine I get an unexpected crash. Not to say that when I used some kit wizard it didn't even want to import into the game itself...


as for me, I could help such an ace coder by making researches on how does dak'kons blade change throughtout the levels

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