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I'm trying out WoP for the first time. Without Ascension, as the latter isn't ready for BG2EE yet. I had a most interesting bug occur when I returned to Amkethran after defeating Abazigal; a drow army started spawning in. The monastery's monks and mercenaries turned hostile ALONG with Sendai's army, and I had the mother of all grand melee on my hands.


After enough drow (and minions) died, the mercs and monks became neutral again. t is my understanding that this is supposed to happen AFTER I convince Balthazar to join my group?


Also, after the bad guys were dead I moseyed on in to the monastery and interrupted Balthazar arresting Melissan. The dialog for calling her a fraud was there, she wen't hostile and summoned some friends, and I killed them. Balthazar gated out early in the fight and never reappeared.


I repeated the fight, and CTRL-Yed it to end the fight before he gated out. Dialog ensued, but at the end, when I convinced Balthazar to join me, I had a hiccup when he asks me for a promise: he repeated himself, first saying it was my destiny to stop Sendai, then repeating almost exactly the same paragraph, aside from claiming it was my destiny to stop Melissan (I assume this normally happens if you wait until both Sendai and Abazigal are dead). Then he killed himself.</p>


Has this situation occurred before to anyone?

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I have a problem after defeating Illasera. I really don´t know which mod is the cause of the bug. It may be BGT, Ascension or Wheel of Prohepcy. After killing Illasera I´m transported to Pocket Plane, Solar says some words, Sarevok appears and says that I´m finnaly arrived and then conversation stops. If I want to speak with him, he only repeats the mentioned greeting and nothing new happens. Is there a way a) repair the bug or b) force him to continue conversation?

Thanks for any advices.

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The bug is very probably not connected to Wheel of Prophecy. The cause of problem are Jaheira and Imoen in the party. Sarevok will not start conversation if they are in the group. So I let them killed by Illasera, speak with Sarevok and then I raided them.

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@velehal. The bug is caused by a bad transition of the game, form Soa to Tob. Just import the savegame from Soa, after having defeated Illasera, and you'll be fine.

By the way, I had the same bug Darkspiral witnessed. But Balthasar+ Melissan dialogue spawned after I've killed Sendai. And they really spawned. I mean, there was first the scene where Melissan gets taken in custody by balthasar monks, then she asked me for help, then Balathasar + melissan spawned in front of my character, annd both started talking to me. The weird thing is that I think that scene is supposed to happen while you are in the monastery, not in sendai's lair.

Oh, and by the way, I don't know if anyone else witnessed another weird bug. Everytime a sendai cutscene would start, I would get back to the prior level I just cleansed. For example, after killing Sendai's mindflayer, I would get back to the area right outside the lich's room. Or after killing sendai's high priest, I would get right in front of the place where you are supposed to murder Sendai's captain. The one that has the key.

Thanks for reading.

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I've got other two bugs.

The first one happened when I killed Abazigal and right after I went to Balthazar. We were told the village was being attacked, but it wasn't true.No one was inside the village.

Visual proof:

Also, the cutscene about Sendai asking for help to Amelyssan, where she asks her to speed up the resurrection of Bhaal, is fucked up. It doesn't happen. I know it should happen becuase Sendai has an odd behaviour when I'm right in front of her.

But the worst thing of all was
1) finding myself blocked because the door to the next level to the sendai's lair was blocked due, as I said, to the teleportation bug ( I was inside the level where the beholder asks you to make a duel with the drow warrior - as soon as I killed him , *puff*, I got two levels behind and the door stayed closed).
2) Using the cluaconsole to reach sendai and when trying to talk with her, her telling the line of dialogues to amelyssan about the fact that "she needs to speed up the resurrection". Holy fuck, you've got gorin's ward in front of you and you talk like if Amelyssan was there. Jeez, I didn't realize you could get crazy so easily

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Hello! (I hope this is not reported yet, I didn't scan the whole thread.)

It seems that for the Solar dialogue changes, there is the setting of a variable missing:

file solaradd.d:


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN learnedsecrets
SAY @5
IF ~~ THEN REPLY @6 GOTO nobhaalback
IF ~!Dead("dw#melis")~ THEN REPLY @7 DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToSolar","GLOBAL",6)~ GOTO 60
IF ~Dead("dw#melis")~ THEN REPLY @8 DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToSolar","GLOBAL",6)~ GOTO 60
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #67568 DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToSolar","GLOBAL",6)~ GOTO nobhaalback
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #67569 DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToSolar","GLOBAL",6)~ GOTO nobhaalback


The first reply option misses the "DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToSolar","GLOBAL",6)~" (I am using this variable for dialogue triggering in Ajantis.)

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