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Pro blem with Master of Challenges and CDs


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I have the 4 DVD set of Baldurs Gate. I am playing a Tutu Game. Both Ajantis and Coran have

been unsuccessfully trying to romance me. There comes a point where the master of challenges

shows up. I decide to set them a challenge -- rescue me from a dragon.


At this point the game says the wrong CD is on the drive and asks for 'CD 3'. (Not the expansion CD which is what the Tutu Game starts out asking for). No matter which of the 4 I place in the drive,

it never gets beyond this screen. Since I can provoke the arrival of the MoC by sleeping

any time I like, I try it with each of the 4 already in the drive. No luck, it still says the wrong

CD is in the drive.


I don't have 'autoplay' set on my CD, but I can hear the drive spinning up, so I don't think the

problem is that it isn't trying to read the disk, but rather that it reads the correct one and for

some reason doesn't notice it.





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I'm a BGT and none TuTu gamer, but I think it would be the same, so I ask you the following:


Has you installed BG with all components (all check boxes activated), also a full installation?

Normally you need your CD's only to start BG and not while you're gaming...


Greetings Leomar

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I wouldn't know what is going on here. If I am not mistaken, you need full installs of BG1 and BGII to create a running Tutu /Easytutu game, so why it checks for a CD I have no clue. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will show up.

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ooops, sorry about the last one.


Yes, I am certain that I have done a full install with absolutely all the

boxes checked. And this is the first time playing that I have been asked for

a CD. If I knew what area that MoC was heading for with the Dragon

challenge, I could check and make sure that this file was copied properly.



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I am not sure on a resolution for this one, but my guess is that somehow the area .wed files for BG2 got clobbered on this install, and the game is searching for the backup in the .bif files, tucked away in one of the archives. If someone experiences this again, please report - it could be that with different distributions, we need to distribute the area resources, renamed, with the package. Since we don't actually allow movement in those areas (they are all cutscenes) we could just skip the whole problme. (I don't want to do this unless we have to, as it involves compression and decompression routines that so far we have not had to add to bg1npc.)

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