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Moongaze II

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Macabre>>Mods is the new home of my projects...

Seen it before? It's possible... yes, I was that alternate account. Not anymore, though. Macabre>>Mods is mine.


Modding is a minor hobby for me nowadays...I occasionally spend a little time on it, mostly for myself (never too late to give that a try). If finished and ready, I'll give it to the world by putting it up for download. Progress, if any, will go at a really slow pace.


I will not get involved with all the modding politics that are going on nowadays, so please be a dear and don't bring it to Macabre>>Mods. =) In any case, the link's at the top...click it if you're interested. You'll find additional information at the forum itself. Registration is required to post.


Please take any discussions about this to a different topic. This is simply news. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Lets be a little more direct, shall we?


Lets talk sense and facts.


I don't know what you have done, why you get such hostility, but it must be great for the entire community to regard you as such. But, if you wish to be perpetuate the regard, I would suggest to start respecting others and to engage the community in discussion and jokes, not hostility.


I got enough of a measure of your outlook from your last post to get this far, as well as a few others. Seriously though, if you work on a mod and get it done, then engage the community as a community, you will find that only a few people will mind about what you did before, and are willing to put it behind them.


Oh, and, that post was not shady, nor was it funny. And you responded just like a community modder.



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Eh, typical modding community response, that.

Always trying to be "funny" with half-concealed insults and shady intentions.

Just have to say: how nice, that there's someone so mature and inteligent to destroy this foul mask of unjust criticism and idiotic irony. Yes, world is against you. But you will go trought this wall, break it and win!


(yup, that was irony. idiotic and, saddest thing, it wasn't funny)


(huh, there's also lessminded peasant from other country who cannot even speak english properly and he's titling himself a translator. cool! --^^ )

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I don't understand why it's of such importance for others when someone prefers to see an insult in every word directed towards them. Why not to just leave them be?



To saty on topic - the skin seems to be too dark. To my vision, at least.

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