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SCS v9 released


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SCS version 9 is now out, exactly a year after the last version (well, excluding a translation-only update).


Mostly this is a bugfix, sorting out the rather bewildering mixture of (mostly small, mostly BGT) bugs that have turned up in the last twelve months. Under the hood, the code has been completely redone, though most of this won't be that directly noticeable. The main new features are a systematic inclusion of spells from BG2 into enemy spellbooks (this is optional: you can keep them using BG1 spells if you want), an automated reorganisation of all enemy mage and priest spell books to be more intelligently chosen, and an assignment to many mages of a speciality type to make fights with mages slightly more varied.

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Is it just me or the download links still give out v8?
Possibly the wrong link perhaps? The right link ...from the project page. Notice that it's for SCS, not SCSII. Ah, scratch that, indeed, hmm, it might be that it's not yet updated in the servers, as the file is still being updated. :)
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As the readme still is version 8 :) will I be able to uninstall version 8 and install version 9 and just continue with my savegames?


Yep (probably, no guarantees, terms and conditions apply, yadda, yadda). But you do need to uninstall v8 completely before installing v9.

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