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Sorcerors and HLAs.


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Can anyone think of a way to make a specific Sorceror use a different HLA table from a normal sorceror?


I've tried to create a kit using the Sorc's entry in CLASS.IDS (19) - a forlorn hope, and it did indeed fail.


It doesn't need to be a method the PC can use, so I'm open to any hacky workarounds. :( It is for a joinable NPC, though.

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Is there a way to give a Sorcerer a specific HLA, via scripting, editing the .cre file, or whatever?


If so, you could add new HLAs to the regular sorcerer HLA list, but give them the prerequisite of another new HLA which only the Sorcerer NPC has (since it's not added to the Sorcerer list).


Of course this is a a pretty silly/messy/hacky/etc method :(.

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... but it might just work. :( I could do a check for something like that maybe.


That would then require appending the standard HLA table. Don't know how that would work out with stuff like Refinements, but it'd be worth a shot. Thanks. :p


Any other ideas?

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andyr, BP adds a specific sorcerer HLA, LUSO0.2da. it's referenced via LUABBR.2da. so all you need to do is append LABBR.2da and add yr LUS0x.2da, and bob's yr uncle. wont be compatible with refinements (unless installed afterwards), but bugger all is anyway...

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Surely this would change it for all sorcerors? I only want this one specific sorceror to have different HLAs.


EDIT: Can you explain more what you mean? Adding a new Sorc entry - how, then, can this be assigned to a creature?

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What Nightmare mentioned is nearly exactly what was done for the Druidic Sorc. I changed the HLA to the new .2da file reference. The Druidic Sorc kit had a prerequisite spell that made the new HLA available. A regular sorc would use the originals, but didn't qualify for the kit exclusive ones. It's not that hard to do actually.

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