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More soundset questions

Strontium Dog

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I've currently finished my Kurgan soundset and put it in a WinRAR file. I have 2 questions:-


First of all, I noticed that all the sound-file-instructions for Baldur's Gate 2 list "namea" to "namez" and then "name1" to "name10" to "name_", with these numbers at the end. The trouble is that naming the files in this way forces the "name1"/"Name10" etc. files to come BEFORE the "namea" to "namez" files, not after them. Does this matter or not, and if it does, what does one do to rearange them in the right order, if that's even possible?


Lastly, now that I have the Kurgan soundset in file-form(wav etc.), I would love to have my soundset listed for download somewhere on the Web. Can anyone tell me which websites(Sorcerers.net/pocket plane etc.) would be the most likely to accept such a soundset? It's just that I don't know what the rules are re offering such downloads, and only know that I should probably use winrar as it compresses data better.

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As far as I can remember, Strontium Dog, the soundsets available to the PC need to follow the numbering format - the IESDP might have more info on why (I suspect hardcoded stuff designed to substitute names of resources, but that is a one-cup-of-coffee speculation on my part). I do know that NPC soundsets can be named anything you want, and reordered however you want, because you add the string yourself so you can control the content naming. The order of the files doesn't mater, though. The game is going to look for a specific resource; it doesn't really care what order they are listed for the user's convenience. Heck, the games doesn't really see the name, either - just a bunch of 0's and 1's in a specific order :)


As for hosting, SP has a set of uploads, and there is a big community soundset project at SHS that you might see if you wanted to contribute to. I remember downloading some of the coolest female PC soundsets from PPG, too.

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Thanks for the advice. I've just sent my 2 soundset-plus-portraits packs(1 of the Psi-Cop Bester of Babylon 5 fame and 1 of The Kurgan from the movie "The Highlander") to sorcerers.net for upload. They said they'd put them up for download at the next site update, though I have no idea when that will be.

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