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Bug with Imoen and "Allow player to choose NPC proficiencies and skills"


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I noticed that Imoen doesn't get the 20 HP removed when leveling up from Level 0 to Level 1.

This doesn't seem to happen with other NPCs (tested with Xzar and Montaron)

It also seems to be bugged with Branwen. She starts at Level 1 and has 21 HP.

Branwen also has a few other problems then, like having no weapon profiencies at all.

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Can you post the content of your WeiDU.log, please?

O.K. I've found your WeiDU.log here and see you're playing with the newest BGT and the newest SCS version. I hope this information helps, so perhaps someone else could help you.


Greetings Leomar

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For BGT, all crossplatform variables, it looks like




should be




but I want to recheck this - is this a change for BGT? We had a ton of testers on older versions of BGT get all of Imoen's script extensions working fine, at least by tester report. (Thank you for pointing this out, Taimon!)

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heh. The lovely by-product of my early complete paranoia... I bet that puppy crept back in with versioning.


EasyTutu has


_IMOEN.BCS for the initial Gorion talking, assigned to _IMOEN.cre


and then assigns a non-existent resource in _IMOEN[1246].cre of _IMOEN2.BCS


A heavily-loaded EasyTutu install (almost every Tutu-usable mod out there and a few not so usable ones) creates entries in that file. Both Gavin and BG1NPC use it for a number of scripted taks - which is why I am confused. Wait a sec...


Ahah. I knew we weren't crazy. Everything works with bg1npc installed - for bg1npc. But it is just as bad a problem. as what I thought it was.


BG1NPC rebuilds the script reference in the .cre.


lines 935 - 942 in bg1npc.tp2

END ELSE BEGIN /* BGT Versions */

/* Override Scripts addition */

COPY_EXISTING ~imoen1.cre~ ~override~

~imoen2.cre~ ~override~

~imoen4.cre~ ~override~

~imoen61.cre~ ~override~

WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~BGIMOEN2~ #8 // override script



I strongly doubt that was intentional. Especially after pro5 vetted it. I bet he assumed I was going to repair both instances, but what I did was compare code cross-project without catching that post with pro5's notes. Testers reported happy-happy-joy-joy, but only because we were consistently wrong.


I would have to do a search to find out who else's mod ends up being silently assassinated by this. It would have probably not shown up at all, as many folks adding SCS to BGT also added bg1npc. As far as I know BGT switches to a new script file for Imoen's BG2 content, so it might be relatively harmless, but if someone was scripting Imoen in BG content, there would be a big ugly footprint right across their mod :)

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No, but I will re match BGT original behavior on bg1npc, after rechecking - and on BGT for the SCS materials, I think you have the safest/most widely compatible idea. Check to see which script is in use and modify the result makes sense.

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Note for Gavin, SCS, and BG1NPC -


please recheck usage of Imoen's initial script -

Search "BGIMOEN2" (2 hits in 2 files)

E:\BG1NPC_Workspace\bg1npc-v18_working\bg1npc_18_prerelease\bg1npc.tp2 (1 hits)

Line 941: WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~BGIMOEN2~ #8 // override script

E:\BG1NPC_Workspace\bg1npc-v18_working\bg1npc_18_prerelease\lib\g3_bgt_cpmvars.tpa (1 hits)



I have rechecked and the g3_bgt_cpmvars.tpa for Imoen's .bcs need to be switched over for the BGT folks.

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