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Putting this up tonight instead of tomorrow, and obviously will be worked on further:


Delainy: "Born in battle's fire

Nursed by mother's corpse

My lullabies the screams of the dying..."


Sarevok: "Pleasant imagery, Delainy, if rough. A bit surprising coming from you, actually."


Delainy: "I am no cub to bloodshed..."


Sarevok: "Did I say you were? Even if I didn't know you were a werewolf, you couldn't very well travel in the company of a Bhaalspawn without knowing the taste of war."


Delainy: "Fine, you're right."


Sarevok: "So, where did your earlier exposition come from?"


Delainy: "Umm...well...it doesn't really come from anywhere. At least not yet."


Sarevok: "An unfinished work?"


Delainy: "Yes. In fact, it may never be finished--not unless the subject of the piece would allow me to talk with him, to fill in the details."


Sarevok: "Then what is with the hesitation? On more than one occasion you haven't been afraid to have your say."


Delainy: "Because you're the focus of the song, alright? I loathe you, and everything you've done...and yet, I can't deny it makes the basis of a good epic. However, I don't know enough to make a worthy tale--not when the source of it happens to be someone I am journeying with."


Sarevok: "Hrumph. I did what I did for my own reasons, not for some mercurial fame. However, if you truly wish to, ask of me what you wish. It may keep your whimpering down, and alleviate the boredom between battles."

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Excellent. I do so look forward to this mod in its entirety. I like how well you seem to catch the mood and thought of adventurers in the Realms, the duality. Of course a little rough on Sarevok's last input, but a great taste of things to come none-the-less. Enjoyed Del's verse at the intro as well.

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Come to think of it... I don't even remember a Jan Valygar banter.... and I remember most of Jan's banters...


But I know I'm late talking about this, but I like how you captured Serevok's personality. He's very blunt and witty just like you portray him, but for some reason I believe it's missing his laugh. I think back to what's Serevok's key trait in banters, and always he does his "HA, (insulting other person's intelligence or assumptions)" but that's just my views on him.


Also, I understand that exposition is 100% the correct word here, but many people will look at it strangely and think you must have met composition, even though that's not the right word. There may be another term that would work in it's place, but it works well with either "the first piece of a fugue or sonata" or a part of a dialogue. I'm just pointing out that in my experience most people think a big art show or something when they hear exposition (my english 221 professor took my using of exposition in the wrong sense, but that professor wasn't the smartest ).


Still I enjoy your writing style, and continue to support you!

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