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Move NPC option

Guest Imperial Historian

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Guest Imperial Historian

The readme for SHS does not give the locations to which it moves the npc's too, the link links back to the same page.


Could someone tell me which npcs are moved, and where too?

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Wait? I suppose you mean BGT? This is really the wrong forum. Please, move this elsewhere. Mostly, we have TuTu players here, and this is SCS unrelated, so wrong forum. BG1NPC might have been better, with some stuff about Dynaheir, but really, SHS forums on BGT are the place to go.


As you should know, SHS != BGT. BGT is a mod at SHS, but not all of SHS. Just as G3 isn't all BG2Fixpack/Tweaks.



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Totally off base, as the SCS's read me says:
and it moves some NPCs so they are available to join the party rather earlier.
So I would presume the SHS is actually SCS, think it as a typo... To where they are moved, I can't remember.
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Guest Imperial Historian

Sorry, my mistake I did mean SCS (to many acronyms running through my head after browsing these mods), the readme seems to suggest the information as to where the NPC's moved to is there somewhere, just not linked to properly, and it's a peice of info I'd quite like to know before going off on a search to find they have moved elsewhere.

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The relevant document is tucked away in the scs_docs directory and says:


The NPCs who are moved are:

Eldoth - moves from the Cloakwood to the woods south of the Friendly Arm.

Quayle - moves from Baldur's Gate to the Nashkel Carnival

Shar-Teel - moves from a fairly inaccessible bit of wilderness to the Nashkel-Beregost road

Tiax - moves from Baldur's Gate to Beregost

Viconia - moves from the eastern forest to the woods south of Beregost.





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