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green bar at bottom events


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so i was copying my bgtutu installation to my new computer, to continue my gameplay (first one ever, but wanted for a long time)


The new computer (msi wind by the way) is with different resolution. so i reinstall widescreen mod, and put the 1024x600 resolution. First i get the BIF error, of course by this time i deleted the bg1 and ng2 directories, only leaving the tutu one to play. I fixed this by copiyng the movie directories on the cd's to bgtutu directorie... okey now the setup works... Then i test, and get the green bar at the bottom of thext area, when changing characters.







Now it has been months since i installed bgtutu and all mods, (i think i started early this year) so i didnt remember very well , but i did remember there was a "patch" to work with tutugui, so i apply it... and no luck


So i come to the forums, and search for "green" and find this http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...92&hl=green exactly my problem, so i refer to the fix... and is the fix i already applied (i didnt know what problem it fixed at that time .. i just applied the fix)


so being out of luck, i created an account and was gonna ask for advice, but before posting i start baldur.exe one last time.. and just for the heck of it i go to graphics options and start changing things... i change bit depth from 32 bit to 16 bits and voila! green bar gone :p


since i already created an account and screenshoted the game, i write this anyway

, and take the moment to thank the developers of the game, and the modders, for bringing so much content and new things to the game, that make a guy like me who loves old games to have the opportunity to play this games, specially the ones i didnt have a chance before.


hope it goes well, and dont miss much by having it at 16bits :p

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