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A renewed call for an editor


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Hi folks, I am getting more and more texts ready for my first part of the next NWN2 module, and I'd like to have them edited (of course!).


The mod takes place in the custom D&D world, and tells a story of a Prince/Princess of a Kingdom of Verej being joined to the Lagodian Empire via the marriage of the rpotagonist to his/her arch-rival on the battle-field Heir Apparent to the Lagodian Empire.

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I can edit, but i have never played IWD, so perhaps you do not want me.


Also, extensively testing item_rev and _yoshi these weeks. Not sure when I will get time

to load a different world.


but if it is just text to read, count me in ....



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Heya, the mod is set in a custom world and has its own story, so it has nothing to do with any original game. :p Just give me a shout when you have time so I don't send the same files to everyone, and get work duplicated by any chance.

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