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Question about Saerileth Romance


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I read somewhere that in order to activate the Saerileth romance you'll need high charisma. Well, I've only got 12 but I could always boost it with items. But is that enough, or is she looking at your base charisma? If so, I will have to use shadowkeeper to cheat, which I really don't want to do...


Also, should I have done that before she joined my party, or will the romance trigger as soon as it has raised enough?


Thank you in advance




I wanted to post this in her official forum but it seems to be locked so I am posting on here - hope it's not breaking any rules.

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No, you are not breaking any rules, but CoM is probably the better place to ask since they actually host the mod. Never played Saerileth myself, but iirc Saerileth is looking for "base" charisma. I don't know if you have to re-start the game though, like with Amber.


EDIT: Okay, I found it in one of the old posts on her forum:


Good aligned, 16+ charisma, and I think I recall something about not being able to be a thief.*) I'm betting that you put on the Ring of Human Influence at some point, causing your charisma to boost to 18. It won't keep up, since Nethrin and Sillara put an event in that forcibly removes it and ends the romance by dropping your charisma back to its normal.


* thief is apparently Okay, as per later posts.


So, if you edit your char with a Shadowkeeper, it should be fine.

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Thanks for your quick reply, Domi :p


Btw, I've got Kivan in my party too and plan to keep him but I'd like to replace him while completing a few other NPC quests. Will I be able to pick him up again, and will his quests still be active?

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IIRC the romance only starts if you fill all the requirements when you first encounter her. She should start off with a very obvious "love at first sight/I want your hot Bhaalspawn body" kind of line if you do, which leads into the actual romance.

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Well, you don't really know which other checks Sillara runs to get the romance going, but try setting the active to 1, and the second one to 0. That should get Saerileth to shoot out a LT. Though I suppose you would still have missed the 'Love at the First Sight" join in talk.

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