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Evil Romanceables?

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Guest Guest_Lich_*

So, having played through SoA and ToB for the millionth time with this or that NPC, it's come to my attention that I've only ever finished the game as an evil character once, long long ago, right after the game came out.


The reason for that, I realized, was the fact that the modding community is really what has kept BG2 alive for me. So when I do play the BG series again, it's to play something released by the modding community. This brings me to the point:


Where are all the quality evil NPC's? Why is there so little love for that soon to be God of Murder that is the Evil CHARNAME? No evil romances, very few evil NPC's at all (Most of whom are akin to 1 day NPC's).


What gives guys? >:p

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I am pretty sure Xan and Kivan will romance at least a NE pc. Edwin will romance any pc of the correct stats. Kelsey...I'm not sure. I think he doesn't check alignment and as long as your rep doesn't drop too low he'll romance the pc and you don't side with Bodhi and/or betray the silver dragon.

I suppose you are speaking of non-Bioware romances?

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Tsujatha is evil, but his romance is decidedly not (ie, he only likes good girls). Edwin is also evil, but more comical, as you probably know. The only evil romanceable gal I can think of atm is Viconia. For BG2, that is.

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Guest Guest_Lich_*
I think the question was if there are romancable NPCs of evil alignment, not them romancing evil PC.


Ardanis would be correct, here. Of course you could fool various good aligned NPC's to tolerate an evil NPC. Specifically, by not BEING particularly evil. I was more asking specifically why there are so few fleshed out evil NPC's, romancable or not. It seems the only game anyone is playing is that of the good guy.

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I'll list here some evil NPCs, perhaps someone fits for you:


Ariena NPC

The Undying

Kindrek NPC

Kiara-Zaiya NPCs

Silver Star NPC

Miriam NPC

Kido NPC

Tsujatha NPC

The Longer Road

Weimer's Valen NPC

Tiax NPC

Ninde NPC

And some of them are included in the Crossmod Banter Pack


And some evil Bioware NPCs have get some mods to expand them:

Viconia = Banter Packs, IEP Extended Banters, Viconia Friendship, NPC Flirt Packs

Edwin = Banter Packs, IEP Extended Banters, Edwin Romance and Flirts

Korgan = Banter Packs, IEP Extended Banters

Sarevok = Banter Packs


Here are the links for:

Banter Packs

IEP Extended Banters


And you're right, compare with the other NPCs there are a few evil NPCs only.


Greetings Leomar

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Not really. I found writing Miriam very easy and a lot of fun. But she's insane so perhaps they are easier to write.
I think you're confusing madness and evil. These two are different, as an insanity is more related to chaos (if to any alignment at all). Key point is, there're enough people who assume evil to be crazy badass. Though in the end it's just one's idea of what's an evil and what's not (as very few of villains think themselves to be evil) that matters when writing.
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According to the readme you should be able to get a romance out of the Assasinations mod, though not a joinable NPC. But I haven't found out for sure since my romantic side is already completely busy with Xan

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