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A meeting of likeminds

Guest Seifer

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I met Domi and her husband earlier today in London--to continue with the spirit of the thread, here's a picture. :p They were both very nice and it's good to be able to put a person to the persona!


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Have you been in a fight, Andy?  It looks like someone may have punched you on the left side of your forehead...


Heh, wow, I guess it does look a little odd in that photo. If I was they must've been pretty thorough because I don't recall one!


Grim: That's because he took it. :p

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Aha, I see you beat me to it, no pun intended :p Was great to meet you, Andyr! Mrs and Ms. Domi reject all acusations of beating Andyr up. BTW, we found the mug!!!

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