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Can somebody point me at a table of the strength damage bonuses?


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I already have a table of the THAC0 bonuses, but cannot seem to find one of the damages despite extensive Googling.


Thanks very much,





The second is for warriors with 18/xx strength (and I think they're added to the amounts for 18 on the first page).

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this says to me that if you play item-rev and get gauntlets of ogre str, which in this case

only do you 2 pts of str update, its a lot more effective to give them to Valgyar, natural str

17, making him 19, than to your BGT/TUTU moved over PC with str of 19 already.


Happier now to be testing this mod as it makes various chars get over ad&d rule humps. :-)


thanks very much for posting this. I did not know it existed on g3. I searched and did not

find. this says to me that the navigational whatever-you-call-'ems at the top of forum pages

could be profitably modified to add a 'tables' subheading, or some such.


Just random thoughts from me.


take care, thank you.



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iesdp is a separate project from G3. That's why there is no deeper integration.


But you can click on the IESDP link on the top menu bar, and read it all, if you haven't done yet :p

It is good to read it fully once (without memorising the content), just to know what you might find there should you need it.

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