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iwd2 chr+gam format clarification


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There was an unknown area of 9*8 bytes in the chr and gam files between the quick innates and quickslots.

Those are reserved for bard song resrefs (quicksongs).

There are no quick shapes stored, this is why the shapechanges couldn't be assigned to a button.


As a side-note, the iwd2 game format is not documented on iesdp, do you need a format description or it is just a link error?

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As a side-note, the iwd2 game format is not documented on iesdp, do you need a format description or it is just a link error?


Description would be welcome (and "download GemRB or DLTCEP source code" doesn't count).

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IWD2 .gam header


0000h Signature GAMEV2.2

0008h Gametime 000012e8

000ch Active formation 0000

000eh Formation 1 0006

0010h Formation 2 0008

0012h Formation 3 0001

0014h Formation 4 0009

0016h Formation 5 0005

0018h Party gold 00000030

001ch UNKNOWN 0001

001eh Weather 0100

0020h PC offset 000000b4

0024h PC count 00000002

0028h Unknown offset 00000000

002ch Unknown counter 00000000

0030h NPC offset 00001f08

0034h NPC count 00000000

0038h Variable off 00001f08

003ch Variable counter 00000014

0040h Area AR1000

0048h UNKNOWN ffffffff

004ch Journal counter 00000004

0050h Journal offset 00002598

0054h Reputation 00000064

0058h Current area AR1005

0060h GUI flags 00000000

0064h UNKNOWN 00000003

0068h Familiar offset 000025c8

006ch Saved loc. offset 0000254c

0070h Saved loc. counter 00000000

0074h Real game time 00000000

0078h UNKNOWN 00000000

007ch UNKNOWN 00000000

0080h UNKNOWN 00000000


00b0h UNKNOWN 00000000

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NPC/PC headers:


00b4h PC 1

00b4h Selected 0001

00b6h Order 0000

00b8h Offset 00000734

00bch Size 00000c9e

00c0h Creature

00c8h Orientation 00000006

00cch Area AR1005

00d4h Position [0138.00e9]

00d8h Viewport [ffb0.0006]

00dch ModalState 0000

00deh Happiness 0000

00e0h UNKNOWN 00000000

00e4h UNKNOWN 00000000

00e8h UNKNOWN 00000000


013ch UNKNOWN 00000000

0140h Quickweapon 002b

0142h Quickshield ffff

0144h Quickweapon ffff

0146h Quickshield ffff

0148h Quickweapon ffff

014ah Quickshield ffff

014ch Quickweapon ffff

014eh Quickshield ffff

0150h Slot usable 0000

0152h Slot usable ffff

0154h Slot usable ffff

0156h Slot usable ffff

0158h Slot usable ffff

015ah Slot usable ffff

015ch Slot usable ffff

015eh Slot usable ffff

0160h Quickspell 1

0168h Quickspell 2

0170h Quickspell 3

0178h Quickspell 4

0180h Quickspell 5

0188h Quickspell 6

0190h Quickspell 7

0198h Quickspell 8

01a0h Quickspell 9

01a8h QS class 00

01a9h QS class 00

01aah QS class 00

01abh QS class 00

01ach QS class 00

01adh QS class 00

01aeh QS class 00

01afh QS class 00

01b0h QS class 00

01b1h UNKNOWN 00

01b2h Quickitem 1 ffff

01b4h Quickitem 2 ffff

01b6h Quickitem 3 ffff

01b8h Slot usable ffff

01bah Slot usable ffff

01bch Slot usable ffff

01beh Quick innate

01c6h Quick innate

01ceh Quick innate

01d6h Quick innate

01deh Quick innate

01e6h Quick innate

01eeh Quick innate

01f6h Quick innate

01feh Quick innate

0206h Quicksong 1

020eh Quicksong 2

0216h Quicksong 3

021eh Quicksong 4

0226h Quicksong 5

022eh Quicksong 6

0236h Quicksong 7

023eh Quicksong 8

0246h Quicksong 9

024eh QSlot 1 00000003

0252h QSlot 2 0000000e

0256h QSlot 3 0000000e

025ah QSlot 4 0000000e

025eh QSlot 5 0000000e

0262h QSlot 6 0000000e

0266h QSlot 7 0000000e

026ah QSlot 8 0000000e

026eh QSlot 9 0000000e

0272h Name Druid

0292h Talk count 00000000

0296h Statistics (similar to other games)

0296h MPV name ffffffff

029ah MPV XP 00000000

029eh Time spent 00000000

02a2h Time of join 00007b0c

02a6h Inparty 00000001

02aah Kill xp 00000000

02aeh Kill number 00000000

02b2h Total kill x 00000000

02b6h Total kill n 00000000

02bah Fav spell 1 SPPR103

02c2h Fav spell 2

02cah Fav spell 3

02d2h Fav spell 4

02dah FS count 1 0001

02dch FS count 2 0000

02deh FS count 3 0000

02e0h FS count 4 0000

02e2h Fav weapon 1 00STAF01

02eah Fav weapon 2

02f2h Fav weapon 3

02fah Fav weapon 4

0302h FW count 1 008e

0304h FW count 2 0000

0306h FW count 3 0000

0308h FW count 4 0000

030ah Soundset HMTHR0

0312h Voiceset HOW_MALE_3

0332h UNKNOWN 00000000

0336h UNKNOWN 00000000

033ah UNKNOWN 00000000

033eh Expertise 00000000

0342h Power Attack 00000000

0346h Arterial Strike 00000000

034ah Hamstring 00000000

034eh Rapid Shot 00000000

0352h UNKNOWN 00000000

0356h UNKNOWN 00000000


03eeh UNKNOWN 00000000

03f2h UNKNOWN 0000

03f4h --here comes the next PC/NPC

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The iwd2 gam also has the mage familiar header, but it is emptied.

I already managed to fill it with some meaningful .cre resref and employed the find familiar opcode (which also exists in iwd2)


By the way: you can use ielister on ANY game file in ANY game. It represents my understanding of the IE files the best.


25c8h Familiar

25d0h Familiar

25d8h Familiar

25e0h Familiar

25e8h Familiar

25f0h Familiar

25f8h Familiar

2600h Familiar

2608h Familiar

2610h Extension offset 00002758

2614h UNKNOWN 00000000


2754h UNKNOWN 00000000

2758h Extension # 00000000

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