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Framerate Problems in TotSC


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This Widescreen mod is great, but I have some serious problem with it. In TotSC if I apply this mod, the framerate drops significantly during game. In 1680*1050, it is about 15-20 fps. If I take the resolution lower, it improves, but it is still slower than it should be. My PC configuration is is quite good, it should run this game in high resolution.

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Unfortunately, I'm not sure what can be done to fix this (I have a few ideas, but nothing certain). What graphics card do you have?

Here is my configuration:

AMD X2 3800+


ATI Radeon X1900 GT (256 Mb) graphics card - with the latest 8.10 graphics driver,

SoundBlaster Live 24bit soundcard

Windows XP SP3

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Hmm... go (in the game) in Options -> Graphics and make sure that:

Bit Depth is 32

Full Screen is on

Transparent Shadows is on

and all BLT options are off


Does that solve your framerate problems?


NB: if it introduces graphical glitches,

start -> run -> dxdiag.exe -> ok, reply 'no' if it asks something about WHQL, and make sure the WHQL checkbox is not activated in the 'System' tab

after that, put this file into your BG1 directory and run runner.vbs to launch the game.

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