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Tarnesh Sleep Spell


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Trying this mod for the first time, looks totally awesome. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but here goes:


Upon meeting Tarnesh I disrupt his initial casting with some good arrow hits from Imoen. He then moves towards me (human cleric) and attacks with his staff. He then casts a sleep spell and according to the feedback on screen I unsuccessfully save vs death with a 14 because a sleep icon appears on my portrait and "Sleep" on my character record screen. I am not affected by sleep though and can continue to attack.

Then for some reason I immediately save vs death with a 15.


Why did I have to save twice against one spell? I am sure he did not have a chance to cast another spell.

Is the saving throw supposed to be vs death - I would have thought it was against spells?

Why is the icon and description showing "Sleep" when I am not affected?


My saving throw against death is 10 being a L1 cleric and with a -3 penalty for the sleep spell I should have saved with a 14 and a 15.


Is this a bug?

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Sounds a bit weird, not something I've experienced. Also not clear why you were not affected by sleep if you failed your save. A few questions might help diagnose the problem:


-Are you playing BG Trilogy or BG Tutu?

-Have you got any other mods installed?

-If so, what's your Weidu log look like?





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