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Mismatched Post-Battle Comments

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Uhm, first off, I'd like to say that I absolutely *love* the way you've worked this character into BGII :p

It makes me go from *squee* to OMG o_o to ~silly smile~ etc.


Very cool.


Unfortunately, I'm having a little problem with Kivan's post-battle banter (like, what he says after significant fights).

Somehow, they are (?) sequenced wrong in my game. I think the problem must have started around the battle with the Empathic Manifestation. I didn't get any discussion about that fight right after it, but then later, when I killed the red dragon Firkraag he's like "How did you know to do this, [mellon]? To heal this monster?" and the banter progressed.


Then, I went and helped out Haer'Dalis and returned the Portal Gem to Raelis Shae under the Five Flagons Inn. After the Bounty Hunters *poofed*, Kivan's all "But he was monstrous! ###, you must truly be a fated one for us to survive this. How do you feel, Dragonslayer?" and this banter progresses.


So, I did the fights and recieved the banters in this order...


1. Fight Emphatic Manifestation - No Banter

2. Fight Firkraag - Banter about Emphatic Manifestation

3. Fight Planar Creatures - Banter about Firkraag


Uhm, so... I don't know if this is a common issue or not... (I tried looking through this forum for other posts about it, but there are spoilers at every turn and I really want to experience this all first-hand) ...but is it somehow possible that I can recalibrate the banters to occur at the right time?


Thank you for your time (all of it!) I really appreciate it.

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Well, I fixed it.

I found out that ShadowKeeper is pretty novice-friendly, so I decided to give it a go...

I just made a save right before the Planar Portal fight, then a save right after the banter that occured after.

Then I used ShadowKeeper to see which relevant variables changed and edited the pre-fight save to have these values.

(namely, changed P#KIVANKILLEDDRAGON from 1 to 2)


Voila! Now after the fight he talks about going through the portal instead of the dragon we killed last week.


Although, argh...now I feel like a fool for posting. Sorry :p

Maybe it will help if someone else comes along with the same problem :p

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What happens is sometimes stuff goes on, so the talk doesn't fire, but retain a valid condition, so netx time Kivan is scheduled to talk, the talk fires. If it happens again, sinply force-talk Kivan untill he spouts out all the 'backlogged' talks :p

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