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Two words for my fellow Americans...


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This is the worst thing to happen to America in recent memory. Bush was just right of center but no one recognized it because he didn't speak well. Obama, based on his own record, is as far left as possible, but nobody recognizes it because he speaks well. America is in serious trouble.

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Finally a sign of change! I do hope Obama will be up to expectations.

Prepare to be disappointed. For the last 2 years the Democrats have run congress, those are the people with the real power; they make the laws. Now one of their own is president and there is no one who can stop anything they do. All of the financial problems that have hit America and that have spread around the world were started by the Democrat's housing policies. Everybody blamed Bush because he is an easy target and he doesn't defend himself well. If you don't like Bush because of the war, remember that ALL of the Democrats supported him in going in and many other countries supported him as well. America has turned down a dangerous road and I hope you all will keep us in your prayers.

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I just have to respond - J Beau, you say that Obama is as far left as possible?


From a Swedish perspective, and as far as I know, a big part of the rest of Europe, Obama is slightly right of center while your Republicans, especially the Christian right, would be bordering on extremists here.


Believe me, Obama is anything but far left. China, for example, is extreme far left. Sweden's former government was a socialist one, which is far left (but not to extreme levels.) Our current government is a libertarian one, our ruling, main party is the most right-wing we have (except for neonazis) and in many questions, Obama is slightly right of even them!


EDIT: May I just add that I stayed up all night following the american election (and feel like crap today, but oh well) and that I wish you good luck and congratulations on your new president. You made the right choice.

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It doesn't matter what Europe thinks Choo Choo, you don't have to live hear. Few Americans dream of living in Sweden, but people from all over the world risk all sorts of hardships to try and come to America, even with Bush as president. Besides it won't be long before Europe is controlled by Muslims. You are birth controlling and aborting yourselves to death. Nature hates a vacuum, you have abandoned Christianity and Islam is coming to fill the void. Atheism won't fill the void, it is a void in itself by definition. So if you like your socialism, enjoy it while you can. It is just like in the US, it won't be long before the Hispanics control our country. There is an old expression, he who breeds leads.

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