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Fighters in IWD2


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So if I made a pure fighter, would I gain anything more than more feats and weapon specialization? Or, to be more accurate, would I gain a massive THAC0 (or whatever replaced it in the 3rd edition) and become an all-mighty killing machine?


This because I've got no idea about the hitting chances and how they improve at IWD2, and because I'd still love to have a marksman in my group.

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You won't get a 'massive' THACO, as you just gain just the same as Barbarian, Paladin and Ranger as a Fighter, but should be good enough. The only real advantage you get from being a pure Fighter is the bonus feats, and the ability to choose two Fighter only feats, at level 4 you can gain Weapon Specialization(+2 damage) and at level 8 you can gain Improved Critical(+1 to weapon critical hit rate). That's not a lot.

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Well doesn't that just stink.
Yes... that's the reason why it's recommended to use only the 4 Fighter levels with a Barbarian or some other class as the major class, the other benefits from that are the heavy armor etc feats.


:) Ah, I forgot the IwD II has special 3ed rules... well. :)

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