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Sending Jaheira and Khalid to wait at an inn


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If Jaheira and Khalid are removed from the party at the same time and sent to the Friendly Arm Inn or the Elfsong tavern, they end up occupying the same coordinates. In the FAI, they both stand at (256,618) and in the Elfsong, they both stand at (463,449).


This does not happen with Montaron and Xzar, Skie and Eldoth or Minsc and Dynaheir.


By "removed at the same time" I mean that their "I am alone" parting dialogue sends them to the same coordinates. If their SO is still in the party when the parting dialogue takes place, they both leave and end up at different coordinates.

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repaired prerelease v17, 11/22/08




standardized target coordinates for Khalid and Jaheira across their move dialog:


Khalid = "FW0706",463,449,14 || "FW2301",277,670,9

Jaheira = "FW0706",507,415,0 || "FW2301",256,618,13

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