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[Not an issue] weapon proficiency bug

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the problem was that originally i couldnt install level 1 npcs,
Now you should be able to install the Level 1 NPCs during and after the BWP installation, hih-hih. Check your PMs in SHS.

As I said in the post, you get the fail at life comment most probably because you might see the wrong proff table, as it should be like this:



Sorry to bump this thread from the dead but some how I fail at life.


I am trying to change Minsc's weapon proficiencies to 1 Longsword 1 Dagger and 2 Two Weapon Style


I have tried


90 1

90 1 Long Sword

90 1 0 Long Sword

90 1 96 1 114 2

90 1 Long Sword 96 1 Dagger 114 2 Two Weapon Style


How should I do it?

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Hit ENTER after each value and you'll see the new weapons menu and remaining points, eventually 0 after the last ENTER. Pretty sure that's in the readme, or should be at least.

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