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Problem with Kivan Mod


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I've been playing for a long time, and am starting to worry that the Kivan romance option has been ruined by a bug. I'm playing with the TOB patch, and no other mods.


My PC did not start a romance with Anomen; she was decent to him but the romance didn't start, and Anomen was simply taked out of avenging his sister (i.e. no confrontation in Saerk's house). But now, every hour ro two, I get a dialogue from Anomen that has something to do with whether he's going to stay celibate. "My love," he says.... as though the romance had started. The dialogue options open to the PC obviously assume that the confrontation in Saerk's house DID happen, because she has to say she lied. Even so, I always give the answer, "I could never love you," which makes Anomen respond, "Then there is no cure."


After this Kivan will talk to the PC again, but after a while, the whole thing starts up again. Anomen says, "My love...." the PC tells him she could never love him and the whole cycle starts again. After the most recent cycle, Kivan will no longer offer any new dialogue at all to the PC. Nothing. Usually when I use the "Talk" option after shutting Anomen down, Kivan has nice things to say. Now he doesn't.


I've tried using the Console to set the Anomen Romance to 0, which has not helped. Setting it to 1 didn't help. I'm afraid to set it to 3, because that would assume that the Romance actually happened.


The ONLY reason I'm playing the game is for the Kivan romance. I've played the game many times. I wanted something new. I can't be bothered to play the same old, same old. I have so little free time.


How can I get this thing running properly? Is there a way to stop the Anomen Romance once and for all?


Is there a way to check how the Kivan relationship is doing?


Oh dear -- I think I've posted this in the wrong place. If I have, would someone move it to the correct forum?

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Try setting the Anomen romance to 3. It doesn't matter if it's 3 - it only matters if it goes to 2 which means it's in the committed stage.


The problem with the Anomen romance is that it can go to 2 without you even expressing an interest in him. If you're not a jerk to him, then get him through his knight's test, the next dialogue (which is something like, oh what a wonderful day this is, I feel great, or something along those lines) it'll go to 2. And if it does that, then it'll cancel out other relationships.


If it has gone to this point then you will either have to do some tinkering with the variables, or revert to an earlier save. I had to do this when playing the Edwin romance for the first time - I'd taken Anomen along to do his cleric stuff, but his romance progressed quicker than Eddie's and overruled it. It's very annoying.

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