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Angelo-Xan crossmod


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It's about Angelo-Xan crossmod banters(+romance conflict, and voiced lines). I sent you the materials on December 17th, 2007, so it's been a while. As both these NPC mods seem to be popular, and since it's been almost a year, perhaps it would make sense to include them into a 7.1 release soon? As I sent them already coded and tested and ready for the implementation, it shouldn't take much time.


Thank you!

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I know modders are very busy but I hope someday the gals who wrote Nathaniel will submit some banters with Angelo too. After all in your first conversation with Nathy he speaks of Angelo. Of course I know Kulyok would have to approve them but if the banters happen it would be very cool.

Happy thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it!


Ack, sorry! I should not have said this in a "Xan/Angelo" thread. I'm sorry. :thumbsup:

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It's a time issue. Modding is an enjoyable hobby (even purey maintenance releases are not without a sense of satisfaction), but it is still just a hobby. When RL balance becomes affected by a hobby, it's time to scale back. If only I had the luxury of modding at work...

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True torture is having my work schedule. I work nights, but everyone and his brother insists on calling me during the day, which means that I get NO sleep. As in none. I've had approximately eight hours sleep since November. People suck. I tell them I work nights, but still, they call.


Anyway, this is the weekend for updates. If you're curious, it really does take the whole weekend, because I've got to build an install that includes every NPC featured in the mod, install, and then rebuild my override into something manageable.

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Oh dear! No chance of turning it off? I know, I don't like that myself, but before I'd get no sleep I think I would unplug it.


Concerning updates (yay to update, btw.): Is there a chance to take Ajantis in as well, although it's not an open beta yet. It could make sense because I would not have to bother you with updating then. (With "then" hopefully soonish.) :(

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