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Npc project difficulties


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Okay I installed easytutu, degreener, npc project, unfinished business, and hardtimes. They installed fine, but i didn't like the dialog accelerator because i thought imoen was talking too much after gorion dies. Understand it's not because i don't like the mods interpretation of imoen, but because she was talking as though gorion had died days before instead of the night before. The mod adds alot to the game, and i appreciate the work you guys did on it.


Anyway, after i uninstalled the acellerator the mod works but key components like banterpacks, imoen and me talking about gorions death, and stuff like that won't install. I get a bunch of error files, and i can't install dynaheir's romance core. But, all the others installed. Ironic because that's the romance i was going to pursue.


I tried installing and uninstalling, but to be honest I don't have alot of experience with computer games so i may not have uninstalled at all. If so, can someone help me with this process? Appreciate it in advance.

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