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Increase the price asked by Gaylan Baele


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Yes - IIRC the amounts are scaled so that Bodhi offers to help you for 75% of the amount Gaelan Bayle wants. So if you go with the most expensive 120k option, I think Valen will pop up once you hit 90k (and of course Brus then appears offering the same deal).





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I played with the most expensive option last time, but I did have Quest Pack installed (where you can basically steal 25k off the money lender then run off his goons by doing the Moira quest). I still ended up doing most of the quests in chapter 2/3 though in order to get the cash together. I'll probably go for a more modest amount in future.

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I generally selected 40k, but it depends on your playing style imo. If you do most quests in the early chapters than you'll have no problem with a higher price, but if like me you do only a few quests tied to your party before going to Spellhold than 40k may be enough.

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