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Planescape: Widescreen+Tweak pack.

Guest Seyelence

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In regards to Planescape mods at Spellhold Studios, I think what was being referred to was these :) I think you'll be surprised at how much more has been done for the game in the last 6 months.





As for G3 Tweaks not working, I reported a few times on the Tweak forum a long while ago that the Max HP Tweak causes the game to crash on startup. This was my last post about it, there were a few prior to it.





No one ever responded, was that ever stealth fixed? It was actually partly due to that that I made my own pack - I kinda assumed the G3 PS:T Tweak Pack wasn't being maintained anymore.



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BTW is this tweak/fix pack ever going to be replaced by yours?

A link to it i mean, since it appears, by all quantitative measures that yours is better, and the more exposure it has the better.


Besides, it seems that you're the only one that is maintaining a tweak like pack for PS:T (contrast with BGII that gets a modding love-fest).

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