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Looking for a writer for this quest (NWN2)


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I am looking for an additional writer to handle as much of the following large sidequest as possible. Editorial rights do belong to me, and the texts belong to the module as soon as any post-processing work occurs (editing and coding), I just want to put it plainly and up-right, as I had problems in the past with people pulling coded material from the module. Further cooperation possible. Style of writing: grown up, but NOT anachronistic. World-specific details will be provided if the writer takes on the quest. You will probably have to register at G3, as it’s the easiest to coordinate through a work-forum. Writing to be done in Word/whatever, not the toolset.


Cavellarra’s Quest:


Setting: PC is a Prince/Princess of the nation of Verej, wed by proxy to the Heir to Lagodian Empire. This wedding signifies peaceful resolution of many years of historical conflict between the Lagodians and Verejians. The Prince/Princess is now en route to Lagoda, the capital of the Empire, and entered the Lagodian lands. S/he stops at the Watchtower, rejecting an earlier invitation from Baron Cavellarra on political grounds. But Baron is persistent, and an invitation arrives to attend a Hunt.


Background: A powerful noble, Baron Cavellarra was a known enemy of Verej and he was strongly against the peace treaty. He is a war hero as far as Lagodians are concerned, but his companies were among the most violent toward the civilians. A part of his estate is made up from the lands of a few minor Verejian nobles ceded to Lagoda by the treaty. The manor that he is inviting the Prince/Princess to was once a property of Wesley family. However, his advances seem to indicate a genuine offer of cooperation and political support, something that can be valuable for the Prince/Princess.


Additional: A few characters can join the Prince/Princess on Cavellara’s Quests from the retinue (plus Rowan Wesley), but we can discuss the split on this work etc later. No alignments shifts happen in the module, but as many options as possible is the aim for as many different type of character as you can imagine (aim for at least 5 player options on every conversational node). If a skill check is employed, both pass and fail options should be presented to the PC, and they should be worded differently, to give the player a clue if s/he’s being truly diplomatic or not  If you can, think of the situations where a skill FAILURE can give a positive or unexpected result.


Part I Cavellarra’s Hunt


Set up as hunt for the wild boars it is later revealed to have an additional entertaining venue of hunting down a family of fugitive serfs from Cavellarra’s lands. The important thing here is to create an emotional scene and characterize Cavellarra when you confront the peasants. Lots of options should be presented to the PC: from enjoying the experience of chasing hapless family with the dogs, to leaving, to letting Cavellarra have his way, to extending them the royal protection and alienating Cavellarra, and the option to threaten to kill him, but Cavellara should be able to allude to arranging for a sad hunting accident, and make sure the player understands that the fight is unwinnable – and well, if s/he still charges, s/he dies in a ‘hunting accident’.


Part II Cavellarra’s Daughter


If the character expressed any sort of disapproval for Cavellarra, his young daughter will come to see the Prince/Princess, complaining of the abuse and rape. Again, a few options here, from promising to take the case to the Emperor, to ignoring her, tricking her to treat the male character to some affections and then chasing her away, arresting her and delivering her back to her father, deciding to mete some justice and install the daughter as the Baroness.


Wesley’s estate will be a walled village with a fortified manor. Most of the serfs dwellings will be locked for the night, but I want some of the houses to be ‘breakable into’ and interesting dialogues there. Obviously, a fed-ex quest in every house is not what I am looking for, but if any interesting scenario comes in, on we go on a small side-quest. The second thing to deal with are the Knights and Guards; some bantering is appropriate there, and putting the most decent of them in the service of Baroness will from another side-quest in the night village. With Cavellarra himself, the player can elect to charge him and his retinue in the Main Hall while they are feasting, or sneak to the girl’s room and wait for him there to show up for his nightly ‘needs’. The confrontation and dealing with the rest of the Household forms the main quest. Finally, the last side quest is the manor’s dungeon where a few prisoners with some interesting stories will be appropriate.

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I have someone interested in giving it a shot, but if you want to try youir hand in mod writing, please, contact me, I will be more than willing to add/divide smaller quests and stuff to get the world and story as alive as possible in Prologue.

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