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Possible Tutu bug: All weapons doing +4 damage


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New poster here (but been modding on my own for a couple years). Anyways, here's the bug:


All weapons, from both PC/NPCs and monsters, do an extra 4 points of damage. I tested this with a variety of weapons and attributes, such as:


- tested with blunt, edged, and piercing weapons

- changing strength of creatures/PC to 9 so there should be no bonus damage

- tested from PC, and from monsters


I've replicated this many times and am 100% positive that MY copy is bugged. Has anyone else seen this or can anyone test this on their version? I'm running the latest version of BGTutu. I have BG2 Fixpack installed, but don't see how that could be a problem since I created new weapon .itm files from scratch and got the same bug. Any Ideas?

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Hmm, you might want to check these:

*What difficulty levels you had, and does the variable change if the difficulty is changed?

*What size the monster was? As you actually get more damage done to bigger targets?


This doesn't mean that I don't agree that the game might be/is bugged, as I have done huge damages with a 5th level Kensai in EasyTutu... which got really boring, really fast.

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