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Possible Tutu bug: All weapons doing +4 damage


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New poster here (but been modding on my own for a couple years). Anyways, here's the bug:


All weapons, from both PC/NPCs and monsters, do an extra 4 points of damage. I tested this with a variety of weapons and attributes, such as:


- tested with blunt, edged, and piercing weapons

- changing strength of creatures/PC to 9 so there should be no bonus damage

- tested from PC, and from monsters


I've replicated this many times and am 100% positive that MY copy is bugged. Has anyone else seen this or can anyone test this on their version? I'm running the latest version of BGTutu. I have BG2 Fixpack installed, but don't see how that could be a problem since I created new weapon .itm files from scratch and got the same bug. Any Ideas?

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Are you per chance using melee weapons to attack an unarmed character or a character who is holding a ranged weapon? If so, then this is not a bug, it's intended behavior.


A character attempting to punch, wrestle, or overbear an armed opponent can do so only by placing himself at great risk. Making matters worse, an armed defender is automatically allowed to strike with his weapon before the unarmed attack is made, regardless of the initiative die roll. Furthermore, since his opponent must get very close, the defender gains a +4 bonus to his attack and damage rolls. If the attacker survives, he can then attempt his attack.
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