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Serious Problem with BWP install

Strontium Dog

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Here's my problem. I decided to install BWP manually because I wanted to make sure to install Moinesse Avatars and install the SCS mod without the SCS1 improved mages/priest components, among a few other components. Also, I was terrified of fouling things up by messing around with the batch-file


. My problem is this:- up till now, I had assumed that if I installed the Big World Project Fixpack, that it would automatically fix/patch the relevant mods in all the places where the Big World Project readme states that the Fixpack will patch it. But I realised , after a while, that, unless the big world fixpack was operating continuously, it would not be able to do any further patching after the first install. I also checked and found that 1 file that was supposed to be patched hadn't been.



My all-important question is this:- I have now just finished installing the Region of Terror mod. Can I get round the above problem by simply checking the relevant mod-files in the Big World Fixpack folder and pasting them into the overide directory, including the ones for mods I may already have installed, previous to the Region of Terror?

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