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still not getting the new content


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I need a copy of the mod as it stands which can load. What you last sent me doesn't work, and I have now resolved the install order according to the BiG World doc, and still ....


no new dialogs in Brynnlaw,


if you go to the CW house and kill him for the wardstone, you walk to the gates out and Yoshi comes with you. He has some things to say that make sense in the light of him believing that he is Irenicus's ally (and that he shouldn't be killed for that).


If you go to the Pirare Lord's house, instead, and have sufficient charisma he will toss you into Spellhold, with Yoshi, as you claim to be mad.


If you instead try to talk the Pirate Lord into helping you, Yoshi speaks up and gets you admitted on the strength of Yoshi's name, which he won't explain to you.


So it looks like I just have the old Yoshi, and the mod didn't load at all.


Can I have a new copy? And can you explain exactly what should be triggering new conversations?




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Oh, that is me being lazy. If it is v0.51 from the updates thread, then it is the latest that I have it.


We were having reports of dialogue starting, and I released that simply for a single bug. If you aren't getting the content, I will have to look into it.


Did you visit Brynnlaw before reinstalling?



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